Spartanburg, South Carolina native Vernon Riddle learned to play the fiddle in the early 1950s. In 1955 he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Amarillo, Texas. While in Amarillo, he met an elderly gentleman who was well known among the fiddling community in Texas. This fiddler, A.C. "Eck" Robertson, is generally acknowledged as the first person to record a commercial country music record in 1922. Eck was later "discovered" by the folk revivalists, and became known to the old time music community as a legendary old time fiddler. Vernon spent much time with Eck, learning many of Eck's tunes. Vernon also learned many tunes and styles from other fiddlers in Texas including Benny Thomasson, Norman and Vernon Solomon, Jack Mears, Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancellor, Major Franklin, Bryant Houston, and others. Vernon played in many Texas fiddle contests and often placed in the contests when competing against the likes of the fiddlers mentioned above.

Vernon eventually retired from the Air Force and moved back to South Carolina in the 1970s. In the late 1980s after his first wife passed away, he met and married Ruth Tillotson, who had played country music on the radio with her sister in the early 1950s on the same radio show as Vernon. Vernon and Ruth played music together for years until Parkinson's Disease took away Vernon's ability to play the fiddle around 2004. Vernon was awarded the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award by the state of South Carolina in 1999 for his fiddle playing. He was the South Carolina state champion fiddler in 1989.

Vernon was always willing to share his music with others, and would often hand out homemade cassette tapes at festivals so that other aspiring fiddlers could learn his tunes. Around 1993, Vernon decided to sit down at home with his wife Ruth on guitar and record a large number of fiddle tunes that he knew. This 6 CD set is the result of those home recording sessions. Containing over 150 fiddle tunes, these CDs contain many tunes Vernon learned from his fiddling mentors in Texas, as well as other tunes he picked up over the years. It also includes a small handful of Vernon Riddle originals such as the Vernon and Ruth Reel and The Old Brown Fiddle. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 contain hoedowns, reels, hornpipes, and other up-tempo tunes. Volume 4 is all waltzes. Volume 5 was recorded on Vernon's "Old Brown Fiddle". Volume 6 was recorded a bit later in 1993, and a few of the tunes on this CD were also recorded at a different time on some of the other 5 CDs.

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Vernon Riddle Volume 1
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  1. Red Apple Rag
  2. The Cat Came Back
  3. Uncle Herm's Hornpipe
  4. The Girl I Left Behind
  5. Leather Britches
  6. Richmond Polka
  7. Apple Blossom
  8. Dominion Hornpipe
  9. Herman's Hornpipe
  10. American Hornpipe
  11. Blue Eagle
  12. Liberty
  13. Lamplighters Hornpipe
  14. Red Bird Hornpipe
  15. Hand Organ Hornpipe
  16. Ball and Pin Hornpipe
  17. Twin Reel
  18. Sugar in the Gourd
  19. Give the Fiddler a Dram
  20. Fort Smith
  21. Cracklin Bread
  22. Kansas City Rag
  23. Soldiers Joy
  24. Wind that Shakes the Barley
  25. Eighth of January
  26. Run Johnny Run

Vernon Riddle Volume 2
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  1. Whistling Rufus
  2. Waggoner Hornpipe
  3. Wild John
  4. Sally Ann
  5. Arkansas Traveler
  6. Ragtime Annie
  7. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  8. Snowshoes
  9. Smith Reel
  10. Shuckin the Bush
  11. Ace of Spades
  12. Jack of Diamonds
  13. The Campbells are Coming
  14. Money Musk
  15. George Booker
  16. Big Ben
  17. Chinquepin
  18. St Anne's Reel
  19. Speed the Plow
  20. Hummingbird Reel
  21. Done Gone
  22. Rhubarb
  23. Jenny Lynn Polka
  24. West Virginia Hornpipe
  25. Vernon and Ruth Reel

Vernon Riddle Volume 3
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  1. Bonnie Kate
  2. Old Sport
  3. Lafayette
  4. Old Joe Clark
  5. Boil The Cabbage Down
  6. Twinkle Little Star
  7. Middletown
  8. Angeline the Baker
  9. The Yellow Barber
  10. Mississippi Sawyer
  11. Golden Slippers
  12. Liza Jane
  13. Bully of the Town
  14. Red Wing
  15. Cotton Eyed Joe
  16. Rachel
  17. Limerock - old version
  18. Rye Straw
  19. Dew Drop Hornpipe
  20. Black Mountain Rag
  21. Lost Indian
  22. Rye Whiskey
  23. Grigsby's Hornpipe
  24. Dusty Miller
  25. Roadside Hornpipe

Vernon Riddle Volume 4 - Waltzes
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  1. Over the Waves
  2. Amarillo Waltz
  3. Kelly Waltz
  4. Capri Waltz
  5. Canadian Waltz
  6. Blue Skirt Waltz
  7. Homecoming Waltz
  8. Green Valley Waltz
  9. Shepherds Wife Waltz
  10. Kentucky Waltz
  11. 40 Years Ago Waltz
  12. Maggie Ann Waltz
  13. Morning Glory Waltz
  14. Festival Waltz
  15. Blue Mountain Waltz
  16. Rose of Sharon Waltz
  17. Georgianna Moon Waltz
  18. Red Hawk Waltz
  19. Red Fox Waltz
  20. Dreamers Waltz
  21. Down Home Waltz
  22. Paris Waltz
  23. Johnny Don't Go
  24. Yellow Rose Waltz
  25. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
  26. Hammett Grove Waltz
  27. Rain Drop Waltz

Vernon Riddle Volume 5 - The Old Brown Fiddle
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  1. The Old Brown Fiddle
  2. Cotton Patch Rag
  3. Billy in the Lowground
  4. Wagoner
  5. Sally Johnson
  6. Paddy on the Turnpike
  7. Blackberry Blossom
  8. Hawk's Got a Chicken
  9. Hoss and Hoss
  10. Clarinet Polka
  11. Durang's Hornpipe
  12. Fisher's Hornpipe
  13. General Lee
  14. Chadwick
  15. Forked Deer
  16. Grey Eagle
  17. Sally Gooden
  18. Tom and Jerry
  19. Bill Cheetum
  20. Say Old Man
  21. Limerock
  22. Soppin the Gravy
  23. Brilliancy
  24. I Don't Love Nobody

Vernon Riddle Volume 6
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  1. Hammett Grove Waltz
  2. Napoleon Crossing the Rhine
  3. Ashokan Farewell
  4. General Longstreet
  5. Waiting for the Federals
  6. Faded Love
  7. Sally Gooden
  8. Georgiana Moon Waltz
  9. I Don't Love Nobody
  10. Billy in the Lowground
  11. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
  12. Durang's Hornpipe
  13. Money Musk
  14. Apple Blossom
  15. Paris Waltz
  16. Sourwood Mountain
  17. Walking in my Sleep
  18. Limerock
  19. Rose of Sharon
  20. Tombigsbee Waltz
  21. Orange Blossom Special
  22. Jesse Polka
  23. Grey Eagle
  24. Mary Ann Robertson
  25. Mockingbird
  26. Tom and Jerry
  27. Say Old Man
  28. Over the Waves
  29. Ships are Sailing
  30. Peerless Hornpipe
  31. Denver Belle

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