Narrated by Marion Kyzer

In late 1948, steel guitar player Marion Kyzer became a member of the legendary Hired Hands, previously known as Byron Parker's Hillbillies. Kyzer remained with the band for two years, until he was drafted into the Air Force in 1950. During his two year tenure as a Hired Hand, he played two radio shows daily Monday through Friday, and one on Saturday. Each evening during the week, the band traveled around the southeast and played shows in schoolhouses, theaters, community centers, and anywhere else they could set up for a show. His bandmates were 3 finger banjo pioneer DeWitt "Snuffy" Jenkins, fiddler Homer "Pappy" Sherrill, Ira Dimmery, and Tommy Faile. During this time, if the band wanted to take a vacation, they had to pre-record their shows on a large 16 inch transcription disc. These discs were played once and then discarded. Mr. Kyzer saved a few discs from the shows, and he later transferred some of the recordings to reel-to-reel tape when the discs began to deteriorate in the late 1950s.

This CD is from the recordings that Mr. Kyzer was able to salvage from the old discs. He narrates the recordings and tells us his story, which gives us a glimpse into the life of a country music radio musician in the late 1940s. These recordings show us that The Hired Hands were a very diverse group that could play a wide variety of material, including old favorites like "The Kingdom Coming", hymns like "Blessed Redeemer", popular country standards such as "Lovesick Blues", and cowboy songs like "Timber Winds", which is reminiscent of the Sons of the Pioneers.

These recordings also feature some of the earliest recordings of banjo pioneer Snuffy Jenkins taking banjo breaks and playing instrumentals such as Farewell Blues prior to the earliest recordings of Earl Scruggs playing the tune. Jenkins was an influence on Scruggs and played in a 3-finger style more than a decade prior to Scruggs. Jenkins' 3-finger style laid the groundwork for what is now bluegrass banjo. In addition to Scruggs, Jenkins also influenced other first generation bluegrass banjo players such as Don Reno and Ralph Stanley.

Take a jouney with Marion Kyzer back to the golden age of radio, as he gives you a first hand account of what life was like earning a living as a country music entertainer. This CD comes with historical information about the recordings and the band.

  1. Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight / Kyzer Intro
  2. Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes
  3. Kyzer talks about joining Hired Hands
  4. Steelin' the Blues
  5. Don't do it Darlin'
  6. Biting my Fingernails
  7. Timber Winds
  8. Kyzer talks about band members
  9. Steel Guitar Stomp
  10. Some of These Nights
  11. Kyzer talks about Snuffy and comedy
  12. Country Boy
  13. Farewell Blues
  14. I've Stopped My Dreaming About You
  15. Kyzer talks about popular country songs
  16. Lovesick Blues
  17. Tennessee Tears
  18. All I Need is Some More Loving
  19. Please Change Your Mind
  20. The Kingdom Coming
  21. Have You Ever Been Lonely
  22. Kyzer talks about hymn time
  23. Blessed Redeemer
  24. The Old Rugged Cross
  25. Radio Program exit
  26. Kyzer talks about recording session
  27. Careless Hands
  28. Ol' Shorty
  29. Take Me Back Down South
  30. There's a Petal Missing From My Heart
  31. You'd Better Wake Up
  32. Baby Blue Eyes
  33. Kyzer closing comments / Double Eagle March

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